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Family meeting?
Social evening?
First date?
After-school excitement with your fellow-students?
Company team-building for co-workers?
Are you a bride, perhaps a groom?


If your answer is YES, come and visit us.

Try to get out of the Mummy’s burial chamber or test your skills in the bloodcurdling Saw room, before Jigsaw return!


Our goal is to entertain. The idea is, that families, couples, students, groups of friends, companies visit us, and we provide them with an unforgettable leisure experience.

 There was a cool place, a busy predestrian street, where a lot of people encounter with this mysterious place, and there were the puzzles that born from our minds. We have created such a game, which you cannot find elsewhere. Everlasting experience is guaranteed here; after the game, you will talk about it for a long time.


Come and get out of the burial chamber full of mystery or the puzzle–studded Saw room!

We are looking forward to meeting you!